F.A.N.C.Y. Volunteers


  • Registration: One person will be needed throughout the day as a help desk.
  • Setup/Break Down (4 people): this crew will help other volunteers set up and break down their areas.
  • Runner will assist the Expo Staff with any immediate tasks they can’t handle

Facilitator/Vendor Liaisons

  • Facilitator (4 people): There will be one volunteer assigned to each facilitator. This includes preparing the space and assisting facilitator
  • Vendors (2 people): This includes the vendor coordinator assistants. Assistants will be expected to know the vendor layout and assist with the coordinators needs.(i.e. providing extra chairs and tables, weights, food for vendors, and surveys)

Entertainment/Media Relations

  • Escorts (2 people): The escorts will work with any VIP’s, Entertainment guest, and Media. They will handle questions or concerns in collaboration with the Entertainment Chair
  • Stage/AV (2 people): This team will work with Venue Staff and facilitator volunteers to handle any a/v needs entertainment or facilitators may have as well as sound checks.


  • Food Servers (4 people): This includes helping with securing food donations, transporting food to the venue, food distribution and clean up.
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