Branisha Jones – F.A.N.C.Y.’s first College Grad

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July 13, 2016
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Branisha Jones – F.A.N.C.Y.’s first College Grad

We are excited to announce our first F.A.N.C.Y. Teen Girl college graduate! Branisha Jones graduated from Southwestern College last month with an Associate’s Degree in Psychology.


Branisha has been involved with F.A.N.C.Y. since the beginning, 2009 when she was the 9th grade. When asked, how the program has helped her throughout her journey, she says “It’s helped me become more motivated and confident regarding my decisions in life. The program has provided resources for my life, education, ways to give back to the community and assistance towards my career track. When asked, what’s next? She stated “I plan to join the military, the Navy, to explore the world and continue my education.”


We are proud that she continued her journey, despite being faced with many challenges throughout the years. We are looking forward to continuing to watch her blaze the success trail she has defined for herself.


Now THAT is F.A.N.C.Y.!

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