F.A.N.C.Y. Teen Corner

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October 11, 2017
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June 25, 2020

F.A.N.C.Y. Teen Corner

One minute you were getting ready for school, class, dance practice, and/or your regularly scheduled FANCY meeting at the YMCA, and the next minute you were told to stay home until… well, whenever. Can I just applaud you? In the last 100 or so years, America, actually, THE WORLD has never seen a pandemic as big and scary as Covid-19. Not to mention, America or the world has never been told that our society will be stripped of the ability to be around one’s friends, extended family, and people in general. Here we are, in the beginning of 2020, and life as we know it has shifted and changed completely without any notice at all. My love, as you read this, take a moment to stand up, pat yourself on the back, take a breath in and out and realize you have made it yet another day in quarantine. In fact, get up and do a dance – you are completing your homework, doing your chores, and still living your best life, despite what the world is going through.

What can you do in the meantime? 

Take this opportunity to catch up on your favorite TV show, get to know your favorite influencer, do a tiktok, a talent show among friends on zoom, listen to your favorite artist, read your favorite book, get to know yourself, and/or just relax. Do not feel pressured into doing anything at all, except being you. Yes, being you can be a lot, going through a world pandemic is also a lot, watching the injustices of the world on Instagram or the news is too much sometimes. It is OK to take a break. You are OK to feel however you want to feel about what is going on in your world. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to call a friend and watch random videos on Youtube/Facebook/Twitter and or Instagram to laugh, do that as well. If you need to be angry, that is OK, too.

Consider not staying in a negative place

Here is the thing, I simply ask you to consider not staying in a negative place for too long. Understanding your emotions, is necessary for growing. However, negative emotions that are not followed by positive ones, can lead to being in a funk that can be hard to get out of. If you need help navigating through this process, please reach out to a FANCY mentor, one of your teachers and/or a family member (an adult that you trust).

Lastly, know that things will not be like this forever. For there is time and/or a season for which things occur. As one season (winter/fall/spring/summer) comes to an end, another season always begins. Hold on, process through your emotions, and try to find the light within this situation. Trouble will not last always.

Much love,

Nicole Chung,
Detour Empowers

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