The Great Summer Job Debate

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The Great Summer Job Debate

After a year full of papers, tests, and constant lectures from teachers, those lazy days of Summer are probably feeling like they’ve are well deserved. But after you’ve spent a few weeks catching up on Netflix, running up your family’s electric bill, and “hanging out,” it will be time to find something to do with all of the time you have available. One option during the Summer, is to get a Summer gig. Before you decide if Summer employment is right for you, it’s important that you understand both sides of the great Summer job debate.

Beware of Distractions

The biggest issue that most people have about teen employment, is the time it takes away from other activities and the stress of squeezing work hours into a busy schedule. Often parents and administrators worry that work hours will conflict with school hours or an unreasonable amount of pressure on a student’s ability to fit it all in. Work commitments may also limit some students’ other beneficial activities like sports or community involvement. Though there are some risks to performance with youth employment, most of those risks are related to how often and how long a student works, not whether or not they have a job. With that being said, there are so many benefits for getting a job.

The Benefits Last Longer Than Just the Summer

Summer employment right after graduation, can serve as an important transition from high school to college, by providing an introduction to economic self-sufficiency and responsibility. For any teen, employment can also teach responsibility, develops organizational and time management skills, and can get you started on a nice savings. According to a study at Northeast University, “youth—especially those who are black, Hispanic, or economically disadvantaged—who have some employment experience while in school are less likely to drop out than those who do not work during high school.”*

Why Summer is the best time

Summer is probably the best time to get a job, without the risk of it negatively effecting your schooling. It is also a great time of year to have extra cash on hand to pay for some of the extra activities and entertainment that you may want to enhance your break. If you decide that you’re interested in looking for job, check out these quick tips on how to find the right opportunity for you. Consider a job that will:

  • let you get involved with a career you’re interested in for the future.
  • Give you a discount on a product or service you use.
  • Give you flexible schedule
  • That has good feedback online

If you decide Summer employment isn’t in the plans for you, you should still make sure you do something beneficial for your future. DETOUR Empowers has a Summer Leadership Series that we’re now taking applications for called Dare2Detour.

Don’t know where to start? Try Connect2Careers San Diego by clicking here.


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